"Makin' It" - A Rockumentary

Makin' It is now available at the LilliMar Pictures website. This is an absolute MUST for fans of Ernie & the Emperors, Giant Crab, Big Brother Ernie Joseph, and the Brian Faith Band. The film follows the musical careers of the Orosco brothers from when they sang for snacks at the market in their childhood neighborhood, to today.

Filmmaker John Ferry has caught the essence of what made Ernie, Cory, and Brian so popular with their audiences, and what has kept them popular. Focusing on their dedication to music and to each other, Ferry delivers an intimate look into their lives and hearts. And heart has always been what set them apart from other bands. It takes heart to continue making music, not for fame and fortune, but for the sheer love of doing it, and Makin' It shows quite clearly that this is what has kept the brothers united throughout the years. This is a sensitive, insightful film and includes some amusing backstage anecdotes as well.